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Shout Loud Creative is a full-service production company in London, United Kingdom, that specialises in packaging, developing, financing and producing quality, high end film.

We are passionate storytellers committed to the transformative power of narrative.

We understand the responsibility that comes with storytelling and strive to wield it with integrity, authenticity, and purpose.


We recognise the profound influence stories have in shaping societal perceptions, sparking dialogue, and inspiring action and through our craft, we seek to unearth stories that we believe have the potential to not only entertain but to ignite change and mold the world we live in.

Together, we endeavor to craft narratives that not only entertain but also enlighten, stories, that not only captivate but also compel action.


With each story we tell, we aspire to leave an indelible mark on the world, contributing to a collective narrative of positive, inspirational change.

"At Shout Loud Creative, we aim to champion diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars of our mission statement.


We strive to cultivate an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

By embracing a rich tapestry of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, we foster innovation, creativity, and empathy". 

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Who We've Worked With

Over the last six years we have helped create content either producing, production managing or casting creative content for companies and clients such as Stigma FilmsNetflixWarner20th Century FoxBig Deal FilmsPumaArsenal FCAC Milan, SpotifyH&MHuluSony Television ITVGoogleSpotifyMinistry of SoundAvonKiaNokiaCar Phone WarehouseCurry’s | PC World, Sennheiser, Npower, 1000 Heads, Siemens, Unilever, Fuji Television, Sony Interactive and the BBC.

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